Online Journalism

Over time, things have changed and progressed and people’s expectations have increased. We expect more from the news networks and journalists. No longer is simple text acceptable. Readers want to see photos and videos, for them to better empathize with the situation. Like the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

People are now more than ever connected to the breaking news. Ordinary people are serving as videographers and photographers, if they are on the scene of breaking news before the press gets there. They help the public get a better sense of what is going on. With the popularity of the web, news networks like ABC, NBC, CNN and the like are able to upload the news simultaneously to their website while its showing on TV. This makes it easier for people to get news. In this day, a good amount of the population has access to the computer and the internet and are able to catch up with what is happening locally or internationally.

From time to time, I pick up the occasional paper. But since I spend most of the time on the internet, I browse CNN to read the news, view pictures and watch video clips of the breaking news. The newspaper can only do but so much. I guess one can say that in time the newspaper will become obsolete, and everyone will catch up with the news via the internet. Who knows, only time will tell.


We The Media

In reading the text by Dan Gilmore, it made me think alot about how technology has evolved over time. One has to stay on top of the things happening around them, to remain relevant in this day and age. As Thomas Jefferson said, “if given the choice of newspapers or government, he’d take the newspapers. …as president, attacked by the press of his day, he came to loathe what he’d praised.”

Newspapers had the ability to express their own views of the politics happening in the world. It was left to the reader to decipher for themselves what was factual and what was fictitious. The reader basically took whatever was written in the papers and rolled with it. But as technology increased, along came blogs. Although maybe not as popular as it is today, people were able to express their ideas and thoughts of the things happening around them. It became a global village that one could share with others and gain insight. “A powerful global conversation has begun”.

Basically anyone was able to take from the papers what they deemed relevant and interesting and expand on it, with their own views. After all they didn’t claim to be news reporters, they were just voicing their opinions.