Extended Story Idea

Nigeria, a country on the continent of Africa has faced turmoil over the years. To the Western world, Nigeria is developing nation, that battles with religious crisis withing the country; and is also known for its fraudulent activities. Fraudulent activities to what is more commonly known as ‘419’ in the country is where you are sent an email by an unknown person, who claims to have a substantial amount of money in their possession and needs to wire the money to an offshore bank account in order for it to be claimed. The unwise man would fall for this ploy and be scammed.

On December 25, 2009, Umaru Farouk Abdulmutallab was arrested for a terrorist threat, after the attempted bombing of Northwest Airlines Flight 253. He was suspected of trying to detonate a bomb that was on him, but was unsuccessful and was then bombarded by other passengers, who held him down, until the authorities took him into custody.

Now, this is a story Nigerians do not need to add to their resume. The country has enough problems on its own, for it to have to deal with this.

Nigerians all over the world were dumbfounded when the news was reported. This kind of behavior was unheard of, and not synonymous with Nigerians. To say the least, Nigerians were outraged and confused at the same time. Not only was Abdulmutallab making Nigerians look bad, they could not understand what would lead him to such drastic measures. Abdulmutallab came from a prominent family in Nigeria. His father was the Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria and help other positions as well. With his father well known and being a prominent figure in Nigeria, he was able to afford his children with luxuries, like the ability to study abroad.

“When Richard Reid the shoe bomber was apprehended, they did not talk about him being from the United Kingdom. It was him, Richard Reid the terrorist, not Richard Reid the British guy….All the news kept talking about was the Nigerian terrorist…yes, he is a citizen of Nigeria, but he has lived outside Nigeria for most of his life…” said Innocent Ogbede.

News networks were condemning all Nigerians and not threading carefully with their words. A whole nation cannot be judged by the acts of one man. If anything, the fault should lie with the officials, for they were forewarned, but did not take any action. Umaru Mutallab, Abdulmutallab’s father, reported it to the government officials, that he feared his son was radicalised and needed to be watched.

After the whole incident, groups were formed on facebook with titles such as ‘Nigerians are not terrorists’, ‘His name is not “The Nigerian Terrorist”. His name is Umar Abdulmutallab’ and ‘Get us off that list : Nigerians are NOT terrorists’, to name a few.  Clearly there was outrage by other Nigerians, who felt they would not be judged unfairly.

Hopefully justice will be done, and Umaru Farouk Abdulmutallab will be condemned for his actions. And Nigerians will not be judged by his actions. A survey conducted in 2003 named Nigerian as the happiest people in the world. So you can see the irony in this whole ordeal. Nigerians just do not fit the bill for such behavior. “Nigerians love life, and Nigerians will not kill themselves for no reason” said Innocent Ogbede.


Online Journalism – Chapter 6

Writing for the web and writing for a newspaper is very different. The journalist has to be aware of their audience and has to be able to catch their interest. When writing for the web, one has more freedom to the amount of information that is put up and in what format. There is more leeway and you are not restricted by length or number of paragraphs or pages.

Online journalism has no boundaries, for you can choose to add extra things like video, pictures, and other web content to make your story stand out more. You also have the opportunity to edit the content after it has been put up, unlike that of a newspaper. With a newspaper, once it is printed, you can’t go back and erase what is written, unless you print a retraction, at which point your readers will look at you as incompetent and wonder why you did not get your facts right in the first place.

Personally, I think I would rather write for the online portion of a magazine or newspaper, rather than for print newspaper. I would have more freedom to research my ideas and write in a way that is interesting to the audience base that visits the site regularly. Although, I would have to mindful about the length and see what was better. A long article that had a lot of points, but not all very important, or a shorter article that was more readable that got straight to the point? Shorter and interesting to the point is always better. Spacing is always key. A reader will glance at text to see if it is something they can read, so a writer has to be sure the points are gotten across.

Online Journalism – Chapter 10

This weeks reading was more technical compared to the rest, for it talked about cameras and the different things that go into photography. It was kind of hard to read at first, just because it was getting technical with the different parts of the camera, with things like aperture, f-stop and the like. Although, as I continued to read, it became more interesting.

Journalists need to be able to use a camera, even if it is the most basic and not a high end camera. They may be reporting and see a photo opportunity that they may need to capture, if the photojournalist is not on hand. Learning simple things like making sure you have enough lighting, a good lense and other things like that, is the difference between a good and a bad picture.

I found the section on the rule of thirds to be interesting. For one really does not always think about that when taking a picture. It helps structure the picture, so that it is visually appealing when viewed. Which is something I will be thinking about when taking pictures.

It is always a good idea to know what ones camera is capable of doing, as to be fully able to utilize it.

Final Story Idea

For my story idea, I finally settled on nigerian reaction to Abdul Mutallab. I  would see how life was before and how life has changed. There are differing opinions on what the events of that day will do to nigerians. It demotes nigerians in a bad light, and life was hard before but now it will only make things harder now.

I plan on interviewing like 2 or 3 nigerians to see what their views are. Also, I will photograph their everyday life, so that the audience can get a sense of who the character is and be drawn in. Different aspects will be shown, and it should be interesting.

At this point in time, my vision for the entire project is to interview 2 people and draw the audience in. And then throw in a video of a discussion by nigerians on their views and thoughts of how they are portrayed. the discussion will be unscripted and the people woll simply speak what is on their mind.

Nigerians don’t need any more ‘bad’ light shed on them. They have enough troubles on their own, seeing as how they are a developing nation.They is enough turmoil in the country and they just canMt catch a break. Afterall, they were voted the happiest people in the world a couple years back. So they must be doing something right…


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