Looking Through The Viewfinder – Video Basics

This chapter was particularly helpful, for it gave me something to keep in mind, when shooting videos. I had to be more aware of what I was trying to capture and acheive with the shot.  Basically, I had to follow the cue of the person I was shooting. If they moved, I moved, so as to keep things in balance and in focus.

I liked how the chapter pointed out the different kinds of shots to keep in mind. Ranging from long shot, medium shot or close up to name a few.

While shooting my video, I had to keep all these things in mind. When 2 people were in the frame, I have to make the call on who I was going to focus on, or whether I would zoom in on one, to get the other person out of the frame. It was a bit hard at first deciding on what to do, for even though the other person was not talking, their facial expressions and demeanor added some character to them and to the video.

With more time, and practice, I will be able to better utilise the camera better. This chapter was helpful in defining the technical terms, like depth of field for example, and also providing pictures, to better drive the point home.


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