The Video Explosion

To captivate an audience, you have to be a good story teller, who knows how to appeal to all with your writing. To write for a newspaper is not easy, for you have to find stories that your audience will find interesting. Only so much can be said through words, that even at that, one still needsĀ  a picture to be able to grasp what is being said at times. Afterall, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

Therein comes the emergence of video. Video has been around for a long while, but is not heavily utilised by media outlets on their sites. A video is able to tell the full story, without having to read through the text. As said in the article, “By mouse-clicking one of those videos, readers could see–and hear!”. It was just that simple.

Journalists, or should I say photojournalists are finding it more difficult to walk around with both a still camera and a video camera. It is a tad inconvenient to have both, when you can take the plunge for a high tech video camera that has the ability for you to grab still shots off it. This is where the future of news and journalism is heading. Making things simpler. That way, there is a video of the story, and the images are easily grabbed off the video.

If this trend continues, with major newspapers, readership should increase. People will no longer have the daunting task of reading a long article. They will be able to skim through the text, picking out important points, peruse through the pictures, and eventually watch a video that tells them a whole story.


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