Video Shooting Experience

For the video portion of the assignment, I found it a bit difficult for I had no idea on what I wanted the video to be on. There were so many thoughts running through my mind, on what I would like to do, and what I would easily gain access to.

Eventually I settled on shooting video of a group of people talking about the topic on hand. With that, I did not want the video to appear scripted or anything of the sort, so I had the people just get comfortable and just talk amongst themselves as if I were not there, or taping the whole thing.

From the shots I was able to get, I was pleased for it did not come out rehearsed, and you could see them just ‘lounging’ and talking together. I decided to take on a more ‘humorous’ approach, at least to myself. I figured we had given the article and the photoslides enough seriousness. The video would focus more on nigerians talking about their country and their thoughts. While going back and forth with each other.

Overall, I would say I was pleased with the video I was able to get. I think with some editing here and there, I will be able to put a good piece together.


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